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Our Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best....

Our Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best....

- Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Uses Nidec motor and Epson chip both imported from Japan. Visualization of Cleaning Process can be shown on mobile.

- Uses 2500mAh Li-ion batttery with LG chip imported from South Korea.

- Smart Memory: Extremely low cleaning missing rate & high coverage rate. Intelligent and senses different environment floors and adjust its direction within 10ms.

- Apply to different floors: low/hard carpet within height of 1cm, hardwood, ceramic tiles for home, hotel room and office.

- The robot can detect the entire environment around and then build up the map inside the CPU so that it do cleaning with plan from one room after another.It has memory to know where has cleaned while where hasn’t thus one-time sweeping coverage is more than 98%. The cleaning path repetition rate is about 1%.

- The electric water tank will not let water come out as long as the robot vacuum is not working. Adjustable suction power to make almost no noise.

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